Defi features, your NFT assets are protected by Binance Smart Chain

Kaiju Worlds project decided to develop on the platform of Binance Smart Chain BSC. We believe this is a good platform and has many features to help us develop Kaiju Worlds.

In Kaiju Worlds, there are a lot of assets like land, NFTs and items, which are unique. They need to be protected by smart contract. There are a lot of buying and selling transactions that need smart contracts and decentralized platform between buyers and sellers.

Features like Fusion, Shop, Combat PVE, etc... in Kaiju Worlds are all smart contracts running on BSC's platform.

Our goal is to help players of Kaiju Worlds Game protect their assets forever. To do this, we believe that BSC is our best choice at the moment.

Unique differences of Kaiju Worlds

  • 01
    Players do not only have fun but also can earn money at the same time.
  • 02
    A huge opportunity for the early players is a chance to own land at a cheap, scarce and limited price.
  • 03
    Players can create their Kaiju and get a rich collection of Kaiju for themselves.
  • 04
    Fight in exciting battles and earn your rewards and income.
  • 05
    Players can own lands and use lands to create materials to support for combat.
  • 06
    And there are many other interesting things waiting for you in Kaiju Worlds.

Game Features


Marketplace makes it easy for players to trade, buy and sell NFT assets in Kaiju Worlds.
Marketplace is available and ready to trade immediately as soon as you get the Packs in the first pack sale.

Kaiju Worlds Token

Kaiju Token is the main currency in the game, formed based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The players will use Kaiju Tokens to buy Eggs and other items in the Game.

Some examples for Kaiju Token usage:

  • Buy Eggs
  • Buy Skill
  • Buy Material
  • Hold to buy items on special events
  • Upgrade Skill
  • Hold and stake to receive regular income

About the token